We are using accommodation situated in Cartmel College, in the South West of the main Lancaster University campus. We will have exclusive use of a number of blocks, each block being the same size and having the same number of flats. If you wish to share a flat with a particular person we will do our best to accommodate this but we cannot guarantee it. Please see the ‘Rooms‘ page for more details on the accommodation.

a three storey building next to lawn grass

Lecture and workshop rooms:

We will mainly be using the lecture theaters and seminar rooms in the management school, which is a 0.5 kilometer (0.3 miles) step free route from where we will be staying. The lecture theaters vary in size but all have disabled access and a PA system to ensure that everyone is able to hear. Seminar rooms are smaller which are also accessible.


Food and drink on campus:

There are five cafes and nine(!) bars on the campus as a whole, plus other outlets such as Costa and Subway. At least one cafe is a dedicated vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cafe. We are mainly using the South West portion of the campus which is connected but slightly to one side of the rest of the campus. There are several cafes and a bar in this area.

At the center of campus is Alexandra square where the majority of shops and restaurants are placed. This is roughly a 0.5 mile route from where we are staying, the south spine that connects south west campus and Alexandra square is step free.


Electric Barbecues

There are 2 barbecue stations, each housing 4 electric barbecues. They are key operated and may be used by any member of the University. One of these barbecue stations is by Lake Carter (near the Sports Centre) and the other on Alexandra Park Drive near to Lancaster House Hotel. These can be located on the map found here.

Keys are held by College Porters (Lonsdale for Alex Park Station & Bowland for Lake Carter Station) Keys will be issued to students and members of staff between the hours of 08.00am – 9.00pm and must be returned on the day of issue. A 10.00 refundable deposit or University Card will be required for the key. Individuals signing out keys will be responsible for the unit, keys should be returned after use.

Users will be issued with operating instructions for safe use. Any problems experienced with the units should be reported to the College Porter and logged to the helpdesk (keys will not be issued if a unit is reported as faulty). The facility will be checked on a weekly basis and cleaned particularly during the summer term.

Near each electrical barbecue station are areas which are clearly signposted as being suitable for disposable barbecue use, there areas are located on this map. Disposable barbecues should only be placed on surfaces that will not be damaged by the heat produced, such as stone or brick surfaces. Before you dispose of a used barbecue you must ensure that it has been totally extinguished. Either let it burn out and go cold or pour water onto the fire. The used barbecue should be disposed of into the barbecue disposal bins provided at the designated barbecue areas.

Other facilities:

Campus is home to other services such as

  • Barclays Bank
  • Santander
  • Post Office
  • Pharmacy
  • WHSmith
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Nature walk path