We are using accommodation situated in Cartmel College, in the South West of the main Lancaster university campus. We will have exclusive use of a number of blocks, each block being the same size and having the same number of flats. If you wish to share a flat with a particular person we will do our best to accommodate this but we cannot guarantee it. Please see the ‘Rooms’ page for more details on the accommodation.

Lecture and workshop rooms:

Details to be confirmed.

Food and drink on campus:

There are five cafes and nine(!) bars on the campus as a whole, plus other outlets such as Costa and Subway. At least one cafe is a dedicated vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cafe. We are mainly using the South West portion of the campus which is connected but slightly to one side of the rest of the campus. There are several cafes and a bar in this area.

Other facilities:

Sports centre, cash machines, parking