Access report

Fully accessible bedroom specification (from the venue).

These bedrooms have a wardrobe (half hanging and half shelves), internet access via wifi or ethernet cable, bed, desk, computer chair and a red emergency cord by the bed and in the bathroom.

The measurements for this room are as follows:

Length – 12’ (including bed)
Width – 5’9”
Access space between wall and bed – 2’9”
Bedroom door – 2’8”

NB – All doors (except bathroom door) are fire doors and are therefore heavy. None of the doors atomically open.

En-Suite bathroom

The en-suite bathrooms in the fully accessible rooms include a shower chair, rails on toilet and sink and a red emergency cord.

The measurements for the en-suite are as follows:

Door – 3’
Width – 7’3”
Length – 6’8”

NB – There is a slight ridge in the door way between the bedroom and the bathroom, it should not cause any issues but please contact the team If you feel it will.