Weekend Updates

On this page we will be providing updates on BiCon from Thursday until Sunday. We will try and put important information in here under a heading of when we announced it – most recent first. This may include things like workshops changes, additions, cancellations or room changes. It’s worth keeping an eye on this page periodically.

If you would like something posted as an update, please e-mail 2019@bicon.org.uk or leave us a note in the Organisers Postbox on the desk.

General Updates

  • Board Games Room: Now in Brandrig Room (inside Barker House Farm) and will be inside this room for the rest of the weekend. There is a signing in sheet in this room if you decide to leave any games for others to play. If you wish to play games during the day, please be aware that this room is being used a creche. Take the board game you want and play it in the main part of Barker House Farm.
  • Saturday morning plenary is cancelled

Workshop Updates

There are a couple of errors in the handbook. These are corrected below:

  • Naked Lunch is 18+
  • Bisexual Women’s experiences of interpersonal violence is run by Sally-Anne
  • Summer Camp Style Macramé Bracelet Making is now Sunday Slot 1, 9:30-10:45 in the Avatar Room
  • Educating ourselves about white privilege and power on Saturday, Slot 2 in Apollo  Room has been cancelled
  • Beginner’s improv on Friday, Slot 1 in Odyssey Room has been cancelled
  • New Session, Saturday Slot 2, Apollo. Title: “Let’s have a moan” Open to people who self identify as disabled in any way at all. 18+. A session to provide a safe space to complain, empathise, and (if wanted) problem solve about navigating relationships and/or sex as a disabled person.
  • One item on the DMP agenda tomorrow is making BiCon more consistently Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive. Some people who care about getting this right are meeting tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9.30am in Skywalker to further work on the text we’ll present to the DMP at 1.15pm. All welcome to join.

Entertainment Updates

Thursday evening

  • There are now 2 comedy slots: An hour from 7-8pm and then half an hour from 8:30-9pm

DMP Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions
2. Previous minutes: https://bicon.org.uk/for-attendees/dmp-minutes/minutes-from-the-bicon-decision-making-plenary-dmp-2018/
3. Guideline changes from last year, listed in the previous minutes, to be agreed again by this BiCon before they come in to force (existing, unchanged guidelines: https://bicon.org.uk/for-organisers/guidelines/)
a. “Changes to these guidelines should be passed by a BiCon plenary. Where any change passes by less than a 75% majority, it should be returned to the next year’s BiCon plenary for a second vote. On that second vote it needs a further simple majority to be successful.”
b. Minor changes to the wording of Guidelines: B10 (Disability), preamble (BiCon Continuity Limited), Section C (Financial), D1 (Feedback), D2 and D3 (Feedback)
4. Being consistently anti-racist and anti-oppressive.
5. Ableism and access
6. Partnerships with external bodies (from last year)
7. Communication channels
8. BiCon Continuity Update
9. Future BiCons