Hi all. Some information was shared today that I have a responsibility to address.

A post was made on our event page that stated someone involved in organising BiCon has said problematic things regarding transphobia and Nazism. Information was also shared via Twitter.

These allegations are concerning myself, Claire, the lead organiser and I would like to address them publicly to all of those concerned.

I am completely and deeply committed to being against transphobia and Nazism.

Regarding the concern that I am transphobic, I stated that a popular sex educator has expressed a range of views about trans people, both positive and problematic. I was not defending the individuals transphobic statements. I acknowledge, accept and do not deny that this sex educator has said transphobic things.

I engaged in discussion on a Facebook thread. My comments were informed by a study tour with the Holocaust Educational Trust last week, at Auschwitz. With these recent events, the visit has been on my mind which is why Nazism came up during the discussion. I am deeply against Nazism and nationalism, white supremacy and the far right of all varieties. I recognise that I am still learning and clearly miscommunicated my position on these matters. I am deeply sorry for failing to clearly communicate my thoughts and the harm I have caused as a result. I was in no way seeking to downplay the horror inflicted on the victims of Nazism and white supremacy, both historical and current. To be clear now, I completely condemn the actions made by Nazis during WWII and the actions of Nazis today. They continue to be a threat in our society and I unequivocably stand against them.

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