Children at BiCon

Children are welcome at BiCon. We consider anyone under the age of 16 during BiCon to be a child. Anyone who is 16 or older is considered independent enough to be attend sessions on their own but all people under 18 will need a named “responsible adult” who is also attending BiCon which will be shared with the venue as part of their safeguarding requirements.

Should you wish to attend BiCon with children under 18, please note this on your registration form and register as soon as possible. There is no charge for bringing your children to BiCon with you though there may be a subsidised charge for bedrooms (see below).


Children of any age are allowed to share a room and a bed with their responsible adult. If they are old enough, they can have a separate room in the same flat. There are rooms available for people wanting to bring cots. They are on the north campus, away from the rest of our accommodation.

Please contact us: to arrange for your children at BiCon

If on site accommodation proves unsuitable for your needs, Lancaster have a wealth of hotels and AirBNBs which can provide family rooms, and you may be able to apply to the Access Fund to help meet some of the extra costs you face as a result of not being able to use BiCon accommodation.


We have a creche available for our attendees free of charge. This will be provided by Tinies. The opening times are:

    • Friday: 9am-5pm
    • Saturday: 9am-5pm

We will be using Brandrigg Room in the Barker House Farm building for the creche. Barker House Farm is also where the evening entertainment is.

Guardians will need to provide anything they’ll need such as a change of clothes, water, pushchair. They can’t administer medication or change nappies, so you will be text to come to the creche room if needed. There will be a signing out/in sheet for guardians, Tinies can be flexible and allow you to pick up your child at various points throughout the day. They provide supervision over lunchtime although you will need to provide lunch for your child.

If you require the creche, there is a registration form to complete. E-mail for this.

Children in Sessions

Children are welcome in sessions unless there is an age restriction posted in the session book. The session book also has contents notes detailing topics which you may feel are unsuitable.

We hope to have some sessions which are particularly family friendly and will actively seek them. We cannot say any more until we receive session facilitating offers.